The Billy Burke Fanpage was created in 2014 by Maureen Shreeve. Her passion, dedication and enthusiasm not only allowed her to become the no. 1 source for all things Billy but also brought the Burkette family together. Sadly, we lost her on 8/25/2018. She was the sweetest and her love for Billy showed in every post and update. She’s greatly missed but her hard work is still here and, as Holly did before me, I promise to continue updating and entertaining today’s and all future Billy Burke fans. A huge thanks also goes to Tiffiny for her support and for providing the lyrics to Billy’s songs. Please note that the purpose of the Fanpage is to update Billy’s fans on his career only. I will always respect and protect his private life.

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Hi! I’m a social media manager, event planner, photographer and, needless to say, a huge Billy Burke fan! When I took over the Fanpage in March 2021 I promised I would do my best to promote Billy’s gigs and keep the Burkette family together. I restyled and redesigned the website so as to better display Maureen and Holly’s precious archive and added new content. Enjoy!

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