The Twilight Effect Podcast


Tag: interviews
Year: 2022 (5.17.2022)
Source: YouTube

Billy Burke joined Ashley Greene and Melanie Howe on The Twilight Effect Podcast.

Ashley and Mel break down every scene from the movies while Ashely shares on and off set secrets, inside info, and hilarious commentary. They are also joined by cast members from the series and interview them about their Twilight experiences and reminisce about that metamorphic time of their lives. Twilight had an impact on the cast too, so they think back and reveal their Twilight Effect.

In the latest episode, Billy shared his favorite Twilight scenes and his first awkward encounter with Kristen Stewart. He talked about his filming experience and why he chose to stay as oblivious as possible to everything that was happening on and off set. Lastly, Ashley and Billy went head-to-head with another super fan in Twi-Hard Trivia. Listen now on your fave podcast service or watch on YouTube.


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