mourning rock


Role: Neil Morris
Release: coming soon (2024)

Photo: Rob Burke


A psychological thriller about a state park ranger husband and his wife struggling to come to terms with their missing teenage son while dealing with a local mystery that questions their relationship and in the end, their grip on reality.

Written years before its filming in summer 2023 by Jeff Wolfe, Erik Audé, and Lance Ochsner, Mourning Rock is directed by Jeff Wolfe and produced by him and his wife Jennifer. Billy plays the lead role and also serves as an executive producer.
Despite the writers and actors’ strike, the making of the movie was made possible because Wolfepride Productions was granted an interim agreement from SAG with their blessing, “to remind the AMPTP that making a movie can be more about creativity and less about stuffing pockets,” as Wolfe stated himself in an Instagram post.


TBA – The movie is set for release in 2024. More info coming soon.


Doing what you love is made even better when you get to do it with talented friends!!! A La Billy Burke, Raoul Trujillo, and Taylor Handley!! Hell Yeah!
– Jeff Wolfe, director, Instagram
Truly the best of the best on every level of this film. Getting to produce and direct a film I co-wrote years ago, alongside my amazing wife, with some of the most talented friends I know… and being granted an interim agreement from SAG with their blessing to remind the AMPTP that making a movie can be more about creativity and less about stuffing pockets… it’s a win win. Here’s to the first feature of many, done the right way. As a creative family.
– Jeff Wolfe, director, Instagram
We are actors, writers and director WE WILL CONTINUE TO CREATE! Love being a part of indies. Thank you Jeff Wolfe, Kevin Matossian, all the awesome cast and incredible crew who do this for the passion and love of our crafts.
– Raoul Max Trujillo, actor, Instagram
Lead, DP, and Director. So amazing to be able to collaborate with these two!
– Jeff Wolfe, director, Instagram
A special nod to the incredible Billy Burke for embodying the essence of NEIL so brilliantly.
Alyshia Ochse, actress,

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