NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 18:  Actor Billy Burke attends the VH1 Save the Music

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Twilight’s Billy Burke Says Rob Pattinson Is A Goofy Guy


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Year: 2009
Source: Radar

Photo: Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage (Billy at the VH1 Save The Music Big Shopping Holiday Event at the W Hotel in NYC)

With only two days left until New Moon hits theaters the excitement is almost unbearable for fans.  One day after the premiere in Los Angeles caught up with Billy Burke at the VHI Save the Music Foundation’s “Big Shopping” Holiday event in New York City. Billy plays Bella’s father Charlie Swan in the movies but he told exclusively that she’s more like a friend than a daughter. Billy has filmed the three Twilight movies so far and told more details about what everyone’s favorite vampire, Rob Pattinson, is really like. 

Did you know what you were getting into when you signed up for the first movie?

I had good idea that it would have an audience. But, I had no idea that it would become this cultural phenomenon. I just really thought that it was such a great love story.

What kind of advice do you give your young co-stars now that they’re experiencing this high level of fame?

They don’t need any advice from me. They’re all doing very well. You have to let people go through the machine the way they see fit and so far I’ve seen them get treated with nothing but respect. Only advice I would impart is be treated with respect and try not to be full of s**t!

Since you play Kristen Stewart’s Dad in the movie – have you developed a father figure type of relationship with her?

Kristen is a wise person and an old soul. We get along more like peers than wiser, older guy and young girl. She’s doing fine taking care of herself.

There is so much written about Robert Pattinson, what can you tell us about him?

Rob Pattinson is a nut! He’s a funny, goofy guy. They want him to be like this James Dean type but he doesn’t take that seriously. I respect what he’s doing.

Will we see you in the fourth Twilight film?

They haven’t approached everyone yet for the next movie but I do know that my character is in that book and if they’ll keep having me, I’ll keep coming back.

 – Interview by Radar staff

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